Jim Robertson, CEO & President

Jim has 41 years experience in the electronics industry, 22 of which are in executive management. As Director of International Program Management and US R&D at Schneider Automation, a multi-billion dollar industrial electronics conglomerate, Jim directed 160 engineering resources in three countries with a $35m budget. Jim successfully started design service groups focused on real-time electronics at Cadence Design Systems in 1999 and Suntron Corporation in 2002. In 2004, he founded E-TROLZ, a leader in Bio-medical computing platforms and the core inside of MindChild Medical’s fetal monitor and MiRTLE Medical’s MRI-compatible 12-lead ECG. He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of E-TROLZ. In 2008, Jim founded MindChild Medical and serves as Chief Operating Officer. In 2012, Jim founded MiRTLE Medical and serves as Chief Operating Officer.


Today, a patient’s heart cannot be monitored during an MRI scan because the current ECG monitors do not work inside an MRI. MiRTLE Medical was founded to address this issue while opening up significant research into MRI-guided procedures that will positively impact millions of patients.


Initially, MiRTLE Medical’s founders worked with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital to develop a method of obtaining a 12-lead electrocardiogram from a patient while in an MRI. This effort was funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant. The grant was completed in June of 2012, with all objectives achieved and positive feedback from the NIH. MiRTLE Medical LLC was then founded to further develop this opportunity.


MiRTLE Medical is a medical device company that designs and manufacturers MRI-compatible 12-lead ECG monitors and software that provide cardiologists visibility into a patient’s health during an MRI.


MiRTLE has demonstrated safe and effective ECG monitoring during an MRI scan with a prototype device at Johns Hopkins and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals. Their successful use has led to further interest in the device from other leading research institutions. MiRTLE’s device can be easily added to any existing MRI, providing immediate access to the large installed base, for which no competitive diagnostic-grade ECG devices exist.


Jay Ward, Executive Vice President

Jay has 38 years experience in the design, integration and validation of automated electronic systems. Jay received his BSc degree in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in 1983. While successfully delivering products and solutions to the marketplace, he has done so from multiple perspectives such as engineer, sales manager, product manager, business manager, and vice president. Jay is a founder and Executive Vice President of E-TROLZ, a leader in Bio-medical computing platforms. As Systems Architect for E-TROLZ, Jay has delivered electrophysiological solutions for multiple commercial products including an Ambulatory EEG for seizure detection, a Traumatic Brain Injury monitor, a Sleep Monitor with full PSG and EEG, and open platform biomedical research systems used by NASA and the Navy. Jay is a founder and Executive Vice President for both MindChild Medical and MiRTLE Medical, acting as the Systems Architect for the Fetal ECG device and the MRI-compatible 12-lead ECG device. Jay directs all of MindChild’s and MiRTLE’s NIH funded grant activities as co-investigator and program manager. He holds four patents for Real-time Signal Acquisition, Fetal Monitoring and Active Standby Control System on a Network and has two pending patents relating to biomedical and diagnostic systems.

Imricor Medical Systems

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